Philanthropy with business and other organizations


Employees who work for large scale business corporations no longer care much for their salary at the end of the year. What people really care about is whether or not the company they work for are doing something positive in the world. Many executives in corporate America today are also well known philanthropic business leaders, which means they donate a large portion of their wealth to charitable organizations each year. A company which has a strong philanthropic business message is better viewed by people outside of the company such as enterprise investors.

When business organizations practice the idea of promoting philanthropic ideals, everyone involved is positively effected by the outcome. The idea of philanthropy within a business organization is to increase your company morale, while also working with one another in order to achieve a common goal of philanthropic success. Philanthropy is important in business for improving a corporations customer satisfaction. Research suggests, companies which regularly participate in philanthropic tasks are much more likely to receive a positive review from their customers than a company which only focuses on the amount of capital they are bring in each week, month or year.

The reason why a business which regularly participates in philanthropic ideals is such a successful business is because the company will be able to reach out to a larger amount of people through their generous donations and charitable deeds than if the company, business or organization were to not participate in philanthropic ideals throughout the community. “Organizations which do not regularly practice the ideas surrounding philanthropy are less likely to interact and engage with the community than organizations which do make their philanthropic goals publicly available to consumers.” said Jason Hope Many philanthropic organizations allow the necessary research to be conducted in terms of finding the cure for certain diseases and reducing the effects of long term, potentially deadly illnesses.

Other philanthropic organizations donate millions of dollars in order to provide people with food and water who otherwise may not be able to provide for themselves. Philanthropy is something which organizations will continue to participate in as organizations find more ways to help those who are less fortunate than them. Consumers are more likely to return to a business or an organization for a second time or more if the business is known for actively performing positive philanthropic deeds throughout the community or throughout the world.Business_in_Philanthropy_LOGO